Dive Library

Diving Belize (Aqua Quest Diving) by Ned Middleton - With the second longest barrier reef in the world and famous dives like the "Great Blue Hole," Belize is an increasingly popular dive destination. This book covers in detail 100 of the best dive sites on the barrier reef and three atoll reefs offshore. Also included is Banco Chinchorro, an atoll reef just to the north in Mexican waters. Belize hosts an incredible variety of corals and fishes, and is known for manta and spotted eagle rays, and whale sharks. Also covers topside attractions such as exotic rain forests and Mayan ruins.
Adventuring in Belize : The Sierra Club Travel Guide to the Islands, Waters, and Inland Parks of Central America's Tropical Paradise (Sierra Club Adv) by Eric Hoffman - This is the most comprehensive guide available to the natural attractions and outdoor recreational opportunities in Belize--the only English-speaking country in Central America, and an increasingly popular destination for nature-oriented tourists. 10 photos; 12 maps.
Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Belize (2nd Ed) by Franz O. Meyer - Packed with everything avid divers, newly-certified divers and snorkelers will ever need, plus more including: depth and visibility, suggested diving expertise, common and hazardous marine life, topside information, from accommodations to national parks and Mayan ruins, photography tips and techniques and 7 easy-to-read maps.
Explore Belize (Adventure Guide Series) by Harry S. Pariser - This top-selling guide for all types of travelers includes information on where to stay, dining, getting around, local lore, walking tours, and more. "The most up-to-date coverage of Belize in print; an adventure travel-oriented guide which explores outdoor and urban opportunities alike."--The Bookwatch. Maps. Photos.
Belize Handbook (4th Ed) by Chicki Mallan, Patti Lange - Small, English-speaking Belize harbors the secret cities of the ancient Maya in its fragile rain forest. This fourth edition packs essential information on pre-Columbian sites, dive spots, jaguar and howler monkey sanctuaries, hiking trails, and national history. 75 photos. Illustrations & maps.
Open Road's Belize Guide by Paul Glassman, Carolyn Graham - This revised edition of "Belize Guide" has been fully updated for travelers to this beautiful vacation spot. In it readers find compelling and exciting descriptions of white-washed thatched Mayan huts, limestone plains, tropical forests, and coastal wetlands. In addition to inside knowledge about the country's history, geography and people, this guide presents the latest details on Belize's prized beaches, restaurants, Mayan ruins, and much more. Maps.
Belize : Adventures in Nature (1st Ed) by Richard Mahler, Steele Wotkyns - Discover Belize's natural wonders, including Central America's tallest waterfall, finest underwater park, best-preserved rain forest, largest cave network, and top wildlife sanctuaries, in this essential guide to a small but well-traveled region. 65 photos, 15 in color. 10 maps.
Belize : The Rough Guide (Belize (Rough Guides), 1999) by Peter Eltringham - Hooray! Belize now has its own Rough Guide. In the past, Belize has been combined with Guatemala in one edition. The new Belize edition, by Peter Eltringham (who co-authored the old Guatemala-Belize guide and has a hand in several other of Rough Guides to Mexico and Central America) is a tour de force of relentless research, timely info and sharp writing.
Belize and Northern Guatemala: The Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guide by Les Beletsky - An impressive first edition, not as much a tourist's guidebook as a naturalist's handbook. Color illustrations document native birds, mammals and reptiles. The author provides a brief eco-history of the region as well as background on environmental threats and conservation. Excellent!
Insight Guides Belize - More than a guidebook. A team of expert writers provides real insight into one of the world's leading "eco-tourism" destinations. From rainforests to coral reefs, from Go-To-Hell Camp to Pulltrouser Swamp, its all here. Spectacular photography.